Building Arts Architects was founded in 2006 with the ambition of integrating the art and craft of building into the process of design and the practice of architecture. Our particular design approach is uniquely enabled by the combination of skill and passion for creation as well as a thorough understanding of building technologies and attention to detail.  It is this approach which provides the avenue for exploration in our work and invites discussion with our clients, consultants and builders throughout the design process.

Building Arts Architects is committed to providing exceptional service, design excellence and innovative solutions.  Our work is developed from a thorough appreciation of our client’s aspirations, programmatic requirements, particularities of each site and creative building practices.

  • “Interior Lighting Design Award – One Queen East Lobby”
  • IES Illumination Awards, 2017.
  • “William Greer Architectural Conservation &
    Craftsmanship Award”
  • Heritage Toronto Awards, 2016
  • “Low-Scale Building in Context”
  • Toronto Urban Design Awards 2013
  • “Best Emerging Practice”
  • Ontario Association of Architects Awards 2010.

Our Team

    • Jason Smirnis
    • David Jensen
    • Malini Rao Smirnis
    • Lourdes Narciso
    • Mildred