324 Broadview

324 Broadview Avenue was originally constructed by the Standard Bank of Canada in 1914.  It has undergone numerous renovations and uses since it was created. The current required a complete building renovation for the office of Building Arts Architects. Many of the original features were restored or incorporated into the design, such as an existing vault, masonry/steel structure and the historic facade. The programme required office and support spaces, a workshop, considerable envelope repair and landscape work.

The design incorporates an open plan on the ground floor with strong visual connections to the street at the front and the new garden space at the rear. The basement was converted into a prototype workshop for the detailed development of project elements and concepts.

This project was also constructed by Building Arts Architects and the workshop allowed for most of the feature design elements to be constructed on site, such as windows, doors, millwork, furniture, lighting and ironwork.

  • Builder: Building Arts Architects
  • Structural: Blackwell Engineers
  • Mechanical: John Frederick Ltd.
  • Photography: David Whittaker
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