Kallo Developments

Kallo Developments owns and operates a number of existing commercial properties in Brampton Ontario. They also develop and construct their own buildings to expand their property portfolio. 

This project involved the creation of a new head office space for the Kallo team within the award-winning 7685 Hurontario Street office complex. The client’s goal was for the design to both reflect the ambitions of the larger building and also to serve as an example of a well-considered, finely crafted office environment for their current and prospective tenants.  

The open plan design organizes space around free-form wood millwork storage elements that wind their way from the reception area to the enclosed offices. These storage walls have been designed to allow for access to view and natural light throughout. The exposed concrete structure, polished concrete floors and crisp, white ceilings all serve as a contrasting backdrop for the warm and flowing feature elements.

  • Builder: Kallo Developments
  • Mechanical:The Aquila Group
  • Electrical: Smith & Andersen
  • Photography: David Whittaker
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