Le Gourmand Cafe

This is the second location opened by this growing independent restaurateur. This location was created to serve the busy pedestrian underground at Yonge and Bloor.  There are more than 40,000 pedestrians passing this location daily on their way to and from the adjacent subway station.

Le Gourmand Café was determined to reinterpret the classic bistro experience to include what has become one of the necessities of modern life – fast food and take away dining. Natural materials such as wood and white marble were selected together with black glass to provide a high contrast environment for their foods and products. Product display was a critical aspect of the design. The long curving counter was implemented together with strong horizontal material texture to amplify the experience of flow.

  • Builder: Boszko & Verity
  • Mechanical: TMP Consulting Engineers
  • Electrical: John Guida
  • Photography: Peter Bogaczewicz
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