Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario is the governing regulatory body for the provincial dental association.  This project involves a complete building renovation which includes extensive redesign of the building envelope. It will be completed over a 4-phase complex construction project allowing the college to occupy the building during construction and maintain daily operations.  Building Arts Architects structured the redesign of the project to allow for this challenging requirement.

The design completely reorganizes the use of the building and was driven by an ambition for significant improvements in energy efficiency, building durability and improved work place for the growing population at the College.  Building Arts worked with the College to develop a detailed user program which resulted from departmental interviews and workshop sessions. The College has experienced rapid growth and evolving workgroup dynamics, flexible planning strategies and efficient organization were the foundations for the development of the design.  Each department is organized for both work flow and for their respective responsibilities to the public and the regulatory operations.   As such, public activities and operations are located on the public access ground and second floors. The office function floors above have been developed to provide flexibility, acoustic/visual privacy and efficiency with centrally located common facilities.

The first phase of the project was recent completed and the remaining phases of the project are under review for approval.

  • Builder: Marant Construction
  • Mechanical: TMP Consulting Engineers
  • Electrical: Mulvey + Banani International Inc.
  • Photography: David Whittaker
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