MY Prosthodontic Dental Clinic

MY Prosthodontic Dental Clinic specializes in the diagnosis, restoration and replacement of missing teeth using oral prostheses (dentures, crowns, implants, etc.). Given the business provides a unique specialty service, the mandate for the project was to create an equally unique spatial experience.

As with most dental offices, there was a need for efficient space planning given a relatively small area. To relieve this pressure, a sense of openness and spaciousness was created by taking advantage of high ceilings and transparency. This transparency allows for visual connections and the continuity of material finishes across the facility.

To reinforce this sense of connectedness, one continuous linear white oak ceiling extends from offices and consultation rooms on one side of the clinic, through the large central reception area and into the operatories. Where sound separations were required, transparent glass is used as partitions. Where acoustic privacy was less of a concern, such as between the operatories, low height cabinetry is used to divide the spaces.

Since patients spend most of their time at the clinic lying in the dental chair, significant design consideration was given to the ceiling design from this perspective in each operatory. The linear white oak ceiling stops short of a ’sky blue’ wall which is illuminated from new skylights above. Natural light and shadows are allowed to dance across the feature wall and animate the experience for both the patients and staff.

Materials and finishes were chosen as a way to reinforce the concepts of cleanliness and durability. The polished concrete floor is tough and avoids any issues of dirt build up at tile joints. Natural solid white oak was selected for its warmth and texture intending to mediate the clinical nature of a dental office. Bright red fabric on the furniture injects some vibrancy and focus for the common central space.

  • Builder: Brown Daniels Associates
  • Mechanical/Electrical: ENSO Systems
  • Dental Consultant: Patterson Dental
  • Photography: David Whittaker
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