Pseudo Interactive

Pseudo Interactive is a multi-disciplinary software gaming development firm, with 100 employees, located in downtown Toronto.  A key objective was to create a new work environment to provide inspired communal spaces for the firm to come together.  The experience of the space was intended to reflect the nature of their creative business – intimate with moments of the unexpected.

The central display gallery was a generating concept along which all communal spaces were organized. This dynamic space is used to showcase some of the in-house artwork created as part of the video game design process.The sequence of spaces from reception through the gallery ends at two central war rooms.  They are enclosed by floor to ceiling glass and treated with vibrant red carpet and marker boards. These rooms are thought of as the ‘brain’ of the company and are appropriately named ‘left’ and ‘right’.

  • Builder: Jesslin Interiors
  • Mechanical: Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers
  • Electrical: Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers
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